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===This is promising...boosting signal

"Do girls just not like to play with squids? That's the question an editor asked on Facebook. What followed was a long discussion on Lovecraftian fiction and women. And the need for an answer.

The answer: Women do write Lovecraftian fiction. We aim to prove it with your support. More than a dozen female authors have gathered to write original Lovecraftiana and place it in a single volume under the title She Walks In Shadows."


Thresholds 7days away...

===OK, 7 days until Walking the Thresholds 16. (June 6-9, 2013)

===This has been the least prepped and talked about WTT...partially due to simply focusing most of my energy towards getting things more done at Mithlond, and getting things settled a bit for life in general.

===Another part is essentially due to my not wanting to invest a lot of energy in planning workshops and such that, over the years, have had the rather clearly stated :"OK, we might decide to attend, but we are really more likely to be spending time at our family fire and doing our own thing".....which is fine, and I am not disparaging. It just has made me less invested in prepping for a workshop, even if I do get a reasonable ad-hoc attendance. (This is a social ecology/reaction thing, not a results thing.)

===Another bit is having had a few workshops hijacked by one or two folks whose issues were apparently more important than people or respect. I actually do like discussions and do a fair bit of counseling/social assist processing. But really....I am not deeply into territory marking by moving the discussion into only one persons issue of the month club to the detriment of what the topic was originally. (Admittedly, one of the worst offenders in this regard no longer attends, but while it takes a while for me to actually take serious sometimes takes a long while to get over a particularly deep instance or three that has hyper-sensitized me to a particular toxin.)

===I have defaulted to the original idea of just making sure there is a space and time that folks know is going to happen...and I consider that important. I have been letting attendees chat and get word out for the most part, and letting things develop that way.

===After this WTT, I do think I will be recovered enough to actually get things up to a more active speed. We have been settling into Mithlond, getting that base more stable. I am getting more mini events happening here, and we will see how that goes.

===The time and space that is Walking The Thresholds will be there, at least as long as I live (and that it is desired...there is that social ecology aspect) If things happen that make our traditional site no longer proper, it might move....but it will be happening.