As things flow...

===Well, it is looking rather likely that the agency branch I work for is about to go under. A multitude of factors have led to this, too many to express in a coherent picture of words. Some are external systems to the agency, some are most certainly internal and some are the dance between.

===However, I am not tarred by this insanity, it seems. I may actually be able to get some good references. Not real sure I should work this field, though....the overall big ecology is bad, and the state and local is,,,,,insane.

===Working on multiple other flows to make up for the loss of this one in terms of finances...


===Note: Things are not bad otherwise. Mithlond is doing well, and craft/social evenings are being planned out. Walking the Thresholds is still happening. Honestly, the fruit that WTT has bourne has been remarkable....more on Thresholds and reflections on this in a future post. In will say....I never expected to get neighbors out of a gather...and to have folks within walking distance muchly due to an event I started 14 years ago...

Checking in...

===One of these days I should set my posting app to Dreamwidth, and be using both again, (ElJay app on Android lets you set the server, but have not tried this and seeing if it will crosspost properly)

===Currently waiting at the shop I do Tarot readings at, as I have a bit more time before my supervision of a visit. Quiet week, looking forward to this new calendrical year. So far, so good.

Word processing issues.

===I swear, even tech dislikes my work.

===My mother gave me an early Yule gift...a Nexus 7. It is quite nice. However, none of the office suites I can find will open my forms, which are supposedly basic .doc files. Even Google drive does not acknowledge they exist. Arrgh...

===I use Abiword on my desktop. I also occasionally use Libre office. One of the files I tried working with had come straight from word.

===ah least I can take notes on this, drop them in email, and copy them into documents, making my life a fair bit easier. ( my handwriting is lousy)

===No, I have not rooted it and put CyanogenMod 10 on it yet...trying it out "standard" first.

Morning and coffee...

===Last night was not the best in terms of sleep, but the morning is looking nice. It is much cooler than yesterday... But it is one of those grey pretty mornings where I can sit by the faery cairn and sip coffee.

So far, so good.

===I have been rather busy as of late, which is why there has been a lack of updates on Thresholds. This year is going to be a bit more low key than other years in terms of planned things, but it is looking good. About 2 weeks to let me know if you are coming.

===And, as always, the caveat: the gather is for folks that respect the attendees and the organiser. If you are thinking of attending in order to mock or to make someone uncomfortable or to prove something not fitting with the gather? Please do not attend...I reserve the right to boot problematic people out at my discretion without refund.

===obligatory caveat now out of way, on to looking forward to the festivities. Feel free to link and share this post about.

Walking The Thresholds!

===Yes, it is still happening, and the page has been updated. Currently working on workshop schedule, in the midst of my own farm projects and work. Let me know if you are attending! (JUNE 7-10, 2012)

Questions that pop up in my mind...

===On my phone, so no link to show you the trigger for this one....

===A Harvard study looks to have pretty much nailed Colony Collapse Dissorder on bees. It is a pesticide, which has been used on corn since about 2004.

===The delivery variable that was confusing things? High Fructose Corn Syrup. Beekeepers have been using this more and more to feed their bees while transporting them. (Not touching right now the aspect of low-grade HFCS also having Mercury...)

===So, hives fed this stuff got low doses of a neutotoxin....and it looks like the timing between when they started using this pesticide, the making of the HFCS, and colony collapse disorder is right.

===makes one wonder if anything else started occurring more often, or diagnosed more often, in countries using HFCS?